Edamame and some new fruit trees

20 Mar

Golden Dorset apple, dwarf tahitian lime, black genoa fig

During the week my replacement fruit trees arrived. I ordered a replacement dwarf golden dorset apple and dwarf tahitian lime, plus (differently this time), a black genoa fig. My friends in North Rocks have a fig that they grow in a half wine barrel, and this year (after only 18 months) it produced 60 figs! I have serious fig envy 🙂

Plants arrive on my doorstep

I buy my fruit trees online from Daley’s Fruit, and they arrive boxed up and always in perfect condition. I have also pre-ordered a sheppard avocado, which I will pair with a wurtz avocado for cross-pollination. Should be a few months before they arrive though. There are so many fruit trees that I would like to grow, but so little space for them. My block isn’t tiny, but the house is big and it doesn’t leave much space for trees. I’m also conscious not tot to plant trees in places that will shade  areas where I want to grow other edibles. I plan to get some dwarf stonefruit trees and espalier them along the east side of the house, but they are generally available over the winter months. Can’t wait!

My edamame (soybeans) are almost ready!

We have  had a LOT of rain in Sydney these last few days. My rainwater tank is full again, and our lawn has even started to recover after going brown and crispy in February. It is perfect timing for my edamame soybeans, which have just reached the stage where the pods have set and are filling up. That’s when they need plenty of water. Should only be a few days before they are ready to start picking.

3 Responses to “Edamame and some new fruit trees”

  1. Sarah March 21, 2011 at 9:54 pm #

    Next time I see you I’ll bring over my Eureka lemon tree for you to plant. Just have to remove some nasty caterpillars that have been eating it first.

    • L March 22, 2011 at 9:12 am #

      Yay! Thank you. You know I love a project 🙂


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