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Bacon and Outrage!

25 May

I’ve had a day of outrage and indignation. I’ve been trying very hard to buy organic foods, but it’s getting difficult. My problem is bacon – I love the stuff.

Bacon is a cured meat. Like all cured pork products it is cured with a whole bunch of stuff, including nitrates/nitrites, mineral salts etc. The jury is still out about the impact of such additives to your health, but new research certainly suggests that consuming a lot of it may not be the best idea.

To my knowledge there is only one producer of certified organic bacon in Australia. Pasture Perfect Pork has spent considerable time and expense in developing their methods of obtaining nitrates naturally from vegetable sources. There are a few producers of nitrite-free organic ‘bacon’, but I question what this bacon really is without the nitrites.

My understanding from the supplier of my organic meat was that Pasture Perfect was their source of my bacon. When I called Pasture Perfect it turned out not to be the case, and I was grumpy. The meat supplier had however disclosed that the bacon they supply isn’t organic, so I realise that this was simply an error, and they’ve fixed it up now.

Unfortunately, I spoke to Jack at Pasture Perfect this morning, and he’s not producing his bacon at the moment. I’ll definitely be buying his pork – look at these¬†photos – how could you not?

But my problem remains. Gimme organic bacon!